The ISVAP Measure No. 46/2016, regulates the procedure for submitting Complaints to insurance intermediaries.

According to the Regulations, a Complaint is defined as "a statement of dissatisfaction in writing with an insurance company, an insurance intermediary or an intermediary registered in the attached list, relating to an insurance contract or service; requests for information or clarification, requests for compensation for damages or for the execution of the contract are not considered complaints".

Any complaints regarding the contractual relationship or the management of claims, even if they concern subjects involved in the operational cycle of the Company, must be forwarded in writing to:

Alchimia Broker s.r.l.

Via Papa Pio XI , 159 - 84092 Bellizzi (SA) - Italy.

Fax 0828 372705

The Company will send its reply within 45 days from the receipt of the complaint.

In case of non acceptance or partial acceptance of the complaint by the Company, the complainant may apply to the IVASS and to the alternative dispute resolution systems by filling out the relevant form.

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