Why Alchimia Broker: professionals in the field of CVT insurance

Alchimia Broker is a constantly growing reality on the territory.

Today our company develops innovative services, able to create value both for our Partners and for the final customer himself, who, thanks to the possibility of accessing personalized packages, you will be able to obtain high-end insurance services at more advantageous conditions than those normally obtainable on the market.

Having a wide range of offers from leading insurance companies allows in fact, access to tailor-made solutions for each motorist, who will thus be able to drive his new car in complete peace of mind and without the burden of an overwhelming policy.

How Alchimia Broker operates on the automotive market


Alchimia Broker turns its attention to the Automotive market (Resellers, Dealers and Installers), to which it provides access to an Information System capable of integrating numerous services, insurance above all, but not only.

The platform dedicated to our partners consists of several specific areas, which allow first of all to follow the entire insurance process aimed at the end customer, but also to interact directly and personalized with the latter for everything concerning promotional campaigns and communications of various kinds.

The dealers or dealers who conclude the sale of the vehicle can, in fact, activate the procedures dedicated to the stipulation of the insurance contract completely independently, by accessing the offers and conditions exclusive that the partner companies guarantee to Alchimia Broker and, in this way, offer the buyer an additional service of high value.

At the time st it, our IT System offers the possibility to manage directly and at no additional cost all after-sales services, such as any personalized communications and promotional campaigns, integrating the structure of the reseller and the dealer, which will be able to enhance their Customer Care and its marketing tools in a few simple steps, also by adopting Up-Selling and Cross-Selling strategies.

Even the installers of anti-theft systems can enjoy all the advantages related to the use of the Alchimia Broker platform: in a few minutes, in fact, the operator will be able to access the system data to propose insurance policies on site and use all the other functions provided. to expand the services offered to its customers.

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